Smite Guide to Bastet – The Goddess of Cats

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Smite Bastet Guide and Build

Bastet – The Goddess of Cats.

The Egyptian cat-headed goddess, Bastet was strictly a solar deity until the arrival of Greek influence on Egyptian society, when she became a lunar goddess due to the Greeks associating her with their Artemis. Dating from the 2nd Dynasty (roughly 2890-2686 BCE), Bastet was originally portrayed as either a wild desert cat or as a lioness, and only became associated with the domesticated feline around 1000 BCE. She was commonly paired with Sakhmet, the lion-headed goddess of Memphis, Wadjet, and Hathor. Bastet was the “Daughter of Ra”, a designation that placed her in the same ranks as such goddesses as Maat and Tefnut. Additionally, Bastet was one of the “Eyes of Ra”, the title of an “avenger” god who is sent out specifically to lay waste to the enemies of Egypt and her gods.

Bastet’s Abilities:
Passive – Nine Lives – Bastet has a 25% reduced respawn time for 9 respawns.

Smite Bastet Pounce Ability

Provides Bastet with almost unparalleled mobility, it allows you to jump to your targeted location, deals damage upon landing, and for 20 seconds after casting you can recast it to jump back to your original position.

This ability really stands out and works to round out Bastet’s kit, mastering this ability takes time and practice, but knowing when and where to jump from/to will confound and frustrate your opponents, making you extremely difficult to lock down and kill while giving you an exceptional ability to get in and out of confrontations on your terms not theirs. Like other jumps it can be used to jump through walls which can be crucial for escape.

Smite Bastet Razor Claws Ability

This is a frontal cone AOE that applies a nasty bleed to all targets. In total the damage done is increased by 130% of your physical power, (35% per tick) which gives it excellent scaling.
Razor Claws can be combined with Pounce for some nasty harass, Pounce in, Razor Claws, Pounce out, and your opponent barely has time to react. Razor Claws also acts a guide for you Cat Call ability, telling your summoned cats which target to attack.

Smite Bastet Ninetails Ability

This ability is most useful for the AOE slow it provides, the damage is fairly insignificant until later levels, though it does scale fairly well with your physical power.

Do not use Nine Tails for harassment, it high mana cost is not justified by the damage it does alone. Nine Tails should be saved until an opponent attempts to flee, slowing them so that you can continue to attack. You should remain aware of your available mana, and ensure you have enough to cast Nine Tails, nothing is more frustrating than watching your opponent run away, knowing if only you had more mana you could have finished the job.

Smite Bastet Catcall Ability

Bastet’s ultimate ability, Cat Call does huge damage when used correctly, your summoned cat’s attacks also slow the target ensuring they are unable to escape. The key to this ability is knowing when to use it, the cat’s have low hit points and you never want to use cat call against an opponent who will just cast an AOE damage ability and kill them before they can do their job. Know your opponents and their abilities, try and make sure that any ability that could kill your cats is on cooldown prior to unleashing them.

Early Game - Your initial item selection should be determined by what early game role you will be filling. Though not the strongest jungler Bastet is more than capable of performing this role in a limited capacity. Should your team not have a jungler, I recommend purchasing 1 rank in either Reinforced Boots or Warrior Tabby based on your preference, and then picking up a Hand of The Gods. When minions spawn quickly grab the green buff using Hand of The Gods, then return to your lane. You should level up Razor Claws first, taking one rank in Pounce at level two, and a rank in Nine Tails at 3. After the 45 second cooldown on Hand of The Gods is up grab blue buff. You are now able to harass the enemy freely, relying on Green and Blue to take care of your regen. Pounce and Razor Claws work well together, allowing you to dive in on your enemy put out some quick damage, then instantly dive back behind your creep wave. If you have kept up with the harassment, and done a solid job of keeping your HP and MP at a decent level, you should have an easy opportunity for a kill at level 5. Cat Call does huge damage, while also slowing your targets. Use pounce to land behind your opponent, hit him with Razor Claws then use Cat Call and Nine Tails to keep him in place for a swift kill. During the early game laning phase always keep an eye on Hand of The Gods, if you chose to purchase it and grab buffs as it comes off cooldown.

Mid Game - At this point you should have picked up a few kills and hopefully managed to not die yourself. Your Devourer’s gloves should be at max stacks or very close, and your farm should be comparable to that of the casters. Bastet’s mid game strength is heavily determined by your early game performance, being a Melee character she is highly fragile, but capable of high damage output. Continue grabbing the jungle buffs, and farming creeps, but at this point your priority should be to seek out opportunities to gank opponents in each lane. Due to the camera limitations in Smite it is easy to sneak up behind your opponents and land your combo, giving your team mates in the lane the opportunity to attack from the front. Toward the end of this phase of the game, you should have most of your core items completed or very close to completion. Now is the time to work on items intended to increase your survivability, these will change from game to game, and are dependent on your opponents.

Late Game - At this stage of the game, your focus should be on eliminating squishy opponents during team fights, this is usually casters or melee gods that focused on DPS items. When your team engages, look for opportunities to Pounce on enemy gods outside of the primary fight, and unload your combo on them. This not only gives you the opportunity for a quick kill, it basically eliminates the enemy god from the fight. They will be focused on surviving/escaping and not killing your team, a goal they will most likely fail at should you have played a competent early/mid game. Even with a few tanky items you will remain squishy, so your should always attempt to fight along the outskirts of a fight, picking off gods as you go. Pounce provides you with excellent mobility as you can dive in and back out at will.

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